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🚀 Powerhouse Senior Executive 


🔥 33-Year Mastermind with a Rich, Diverse Expertise in Security, Music, and Entertainment Industries.

💥 Strategy Guru


💥 Proven track record of orchestrating high-impact strategies in training, recruitment, operations, budgeting, logistics, creative solutions, and problem consulting, all driven by an analytical mind that seeks to maximize results.

🔨 Team Builder Extraordinaire


🔨 Passionate and gifted in team development and staff supervision, I am known for creating high-performance teams that thrive on collaboration and achieve outstanding results.

🔗 Boardroom Dynamo


🔗  Renowned for forging powerful, influential partnerships at the boardroom level, I bring a wealth of connections and a knack for strategic negotiation that accelerates business growth and opens doors to new opportunities.

⏱️ Deadline Conqueror


⏱️ An unrelenting drive to meet critical deadlines, combined with a proactive, efficient approach to planning, ensures the seamless execution of complex projects in high-pressure environments.



    all about 

John proctor

Hailing from England's rugged North East, I embarked on a life-changing journey to London at the tender age of 18, fueled by a singular dream – to conquer the world of security. Under the expert guidance of the renowned George Gibbs, Chief Superintendent of the Flying Squad, my rise in the world of Close Protection was nothing short of meteoric, and my name soon became synonymous with trust and excellence.

Soon enough, my skills caught the attention of elite tour and armed operatives who sought me out to safeguard global legends like George Michael and Alice Cooper. My security prowess led me to spearhead a state-of-the-art security department at Capital Security Group PLC. Here, I masterminded security contracts for Middle Eastern families, going above and beyond by relocating overseas to ensure their total safety.

On returning, I undertook the Herculean task of transforming SSR's fledgling security recruitment division into the gold standard for close protection – a feat I achieved in just one year! My exceptional talents did not go unnoticed, as Metshield Investigations & Security offered me a Directorship, which I graciously declined due to financial considerations.

Undaunted, I partnered with former client Barrie Knight to form the dynamic duo behind Proctor & Knight. Our security consultancy quickly became a magnet for top-tier clients like Van Morrison and Pink Floyd, and we even served as consultants for NATO. My stellar reputation in the industry caught the attention of Steve Jenkins, CEO of Jive Records, who invited me to tour manage Steps. Five record-breaking years later, I was consulting for other Jive artists including Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Justin Timberlake, Joel, and many more.

Transitioning from a tour manager to a highly-coveted consultant, I offered invaluable advice to the WWE and Bacardi B Bar Live on critical security matters. I launched Proctor Consultancy Services, where I attracted high-profile clients and even consulted for the UN in Afghanistan.

I made a triumphant return to the music industry, skillfully managing tours for Jason Donovan and Peter Andre, and venturing into production and creativity. With unmatched precision, I coordinated mammoth festivals like Bestival and Rockness. My expertise also facilitated the successful reunion of the Happy Mondays, establishing a touring structure that still stands strong.

During the 2012 Olympics, I played a key role in coordinating TEAM USA's interactions with UK law enforcement agencies, showcasing my exceptional leadership skills. That year, I founded Total Touring Limited, managing live productions for artists like Tom Jones and Tears for Fears with unparalleled expertise.

Despite a tight schedule, I directed a showstopper at Reading Football Stadium. I also played a pivotal role in Cher Lloyd's successful transition to the US market, consulted for Nitro Circus on their touring strategy, and provided expert advice to Heineken Live on safety and security.

Returning as the tour manager for Steps' comeback tour and consulting/tour directing for Seal's European tour, I achieved both financial and creative milestones. Recognizing my unmatched security expertise, Live Nation recruited me for the touring security team of K-POP sensation BTS, where I developed comprehensive security guidelines for the team. My accomplishments in both security and production have forever etched my name in the annals of history as a legendary figure.

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