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Pro-active top line manager with a multitude of different experiences training, recruitment, operations, budget, logistics, creative and problem consulting. These specialist skills are inherited through a 33-year career in the Security, Music and Entertainment Industry.


Highly motivated and skilled in team development and Supervision of staff. Ability to liaise at boardroom level and also meet deadlines through effective/proactive planning

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    all about 

John proctor

Born in the North East of England moved to London at eighteen to build a career in security starting at Security Guard with the clothing retailer Laura Ashley I was taken under the wing by 

George Gibbs (X) Chief Superintendent of the flying squad. I became his student for two years. George decided it was time retire. I made the decision to take my vocation in Close


I quickly built a reputation working in many specialised areas of protection but after a short period I was head hunted into an operational management position supplying specialist tour / armed operative's around the world looking after high-profile individuals, George Michael, Happy MondaysEMFAlice Cooper 

I was required to travel alongside these individuals to co-ordinate all security arrangements in countries such as South America, North America, Asia, Europe certain parts of the Middle East.


I was  approached to head up a new security department within a major security group Capital Security Group PLC during my time with the company I secured many lucrative contracts, for many different Middle Eastern Families heading up all the RST and CP teams which also required me to move out of country for a period of time.​ 


On returning I was approached to set up a high-profile security and close protection recruitment division within a major specialist security booking agency SSR (Select Security Recruitment) turning the division it into an established close protection recruitment service within the first 12 months of trading the division was financially successful.  Hungry for a challenge and due to the success of the specialised division , I was asked to develop and change an international investigations and security company's employment and working structure Metshield Investigations & Security. I met the challenge front on, successful in my work, but soon felt it was time to move. The company directors realised this and asked me to lead a close protection team on 3-month witness protection contract in Europe and one 9-month KNR contract in South America, on my return, I was offered a Directorship within the company but didn’t want to commit due to the company’s financial restraints.

I and my now x partner now Barrie Knight but client then, decided to build Proctor & Knight, which we established in (1997). The first contracts where music and event clients but still consulting to 

NATO and new clients such as Van MorrisonPink Floyd,Boyzone 

Etc. After a short time running the company Tim Byrne & Vicky Blood of Byrne Blood Management and Pete Waterman record producer asked if I would take on the tour management role for the band Steps which I successfully did for the term of 5 years, this was my start in tour management and production. The band became one of the most successful touring acts the UK had ever seen 1 million tickets sold in 9 months. I made such an impression 

Label Director (Steve Jenkins) of Jive Records asked me to co-ordinate all their acts this included going to the United States to work with a young a new artist who became known as Britney Spears. The Management and Artist asked me to commit to a full-time role, but due to my business commitments I had to return the UK. Still keeping Britney and all Jive’s acts. (such as Arran CarterJustin TimberlakeNSYNCBackstreet Boys, Joel etc).


​In 2005  I resigned my directorship from Proctor and Knight 

moving out of the music industry but working with clients one to mention WWE (World Wrestling Entertainments) whom asked me to consult on the touring / branding threats which WWE attracted due to flying the flag of a nation that had many radicalised enemies.


I was approached by the Bacardi B Bar Live team to consultant on all security and safety issues concerning event placements and festivals they were attending, due to many past crowd safety and substance issues.  The Bacardi Management moved very quickly to implement all my recommendation’s and now use my (SOPs). I established  Proctor Consultancy Services soon gaining many  new clients John Black of Black Gold Management, Sandi Thom. Asked undertake a 6-month contract in Afghanistan with UN 

my role was to consult on there forward planning, which I successfully completed 3 months ahead of the agreed contracted term.

​On returning I was approached by Jason Donovan and his team to tour manage his 2010 and 2011 tour. Taking over the production and touring, adding my personal touch and building an experienced team. The tour ended as a success financially / promotionally success this was my return to back music and live touring industry.  Due to the financial success the agent and management recommended me to Claire Powel at Can Management whom asked me to work with Peter Andre, adding my touch and developing a new and enthusiastic team, picked by peter and myself that would work towards peters goals and dreams financially and creatively also making Peter Andre  a touring success.

My Career was moving towards production / creative path.  I was asked to production co-ordinate for Rob De-Bank Owner of Bestival and Camp Bestival as well as production co-ordinate 

Rockness and Creamfields these festivals where very challenging due to the complexity of artist rider requirements. I was in charge of multiple stages with a total artist complement of more than a 200 per day. Warren Askew a manager in conversation asked if I would be interested to help him reunite the band  Happy Mondays 

and put a strict live touring structure in place, This I knew was going to be challenging due to my passed experiences with the band but took the challenge head on which became a real success due to warrens commitment backing my policy implementation that still works today. Helping the band build a new valued reputation.


2012 UK Olympics I was recommended and the then approached to co-ordinate TEAM USA the job was to manage all different UK law enforcement agencies and consulting between all management structures of TEAM USA and helping in logistic decisions of moving VVIP around the UK and Europe as well as monitoring the ongoing running budgets. 


This was the year I formed total touring limited. Rupert Doogan Hobbs approached me to work as their Production / Site Manager working freelance managing their live production projects, dealing with the Venue Management, SAG, Ground Managers and Artist production teams, making sure that all the infrastructure and suppliers meet the venue requirements keeping the communication open between the venue and LHG by being the independent middle man and managing all parties before during and on completion of the shows. Clients: Tom JonesTears for FearsSimple Minds

Madness, Craig DavidRita Ora, and Little Mix working with

Inverness Highland CouncilDarlington ArenaDurham Emirates Stadium and The Jockey Club this list goes on.

2013 Reading Football Club was bought by Anton Zingarevich  

whom approached me through Yuli Grig to have his own show in (Reading Football Stadium) this started from a phone call and then turned into a branded show my role was originally production, but due to the lack of experience in the team. I was asked to event

direct using all my knowledge as well as adding more experienced people to the team and bringing the show under budget helping recover the loss from being substantial to minimum. (I WILL ADD) I did inform the client before undertaking the project that the show was too late to put on sale and the show would be better for the following year. The date they required for the show, only gave us 4 months lead up, but we managed to sell 12000 tickets in this period; the show in its self was a success. 


John Black who was working with Craig Logan at LME World Wide approached me to work with a new artist Cher Lloyd whom had just come from the TV show X Factor and help develop her for the US Market in terms of live performance which was a very 

successful partnership.


Nitro Circus  Consulting on their outdoor regional touring projects. This was an interesting role as the brands foot print was growing but they wanted to be in the same space as WWE, which needed massive creative change and direction as well creating a more profitable touring structure. Heineken Live Brief to oversee the safety and security on their outside festival projects working alongside there event and design consultancy teams. This role is verysimilar to the role I had with Bacardi B Bars.


2017 Steps announced its comeback tour Steps asked me to return to my original role as the tour manager making sure that all the bands movements and concerns where managed. Seal I was asked to consult on his up and coming European Touring budget expenditure. Three days into the role I was asked to production and financially manage the tour. This I did adding a UK team that I knew could deliver the show as a financial and creative success.


Darren Gilchrist a close friend and working colleague working for Live Nation approached me to become part a touring security team for a (K-POP) Band BTS my roles and duties where to manage past and on-going threats, as well as working and advising the venues to the correct security & welfare protocols. These where to be implemented before the arrival of the touring party. Also making sure that all SOPs / Security Rider requirements are in place and actioned. Managing the day to day venue security, monitoring the ingress and egress. Managing the accreditation of all touring employees and visiting VIP /VVIP implementing the ongoing changes to the security Rider / SOP/ Bible that I developed for the management and team.

"to achieve great things, two things are needed a plan
and not enough time"

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