extremely competent, reliable, knowledgeable,. I would have no hesitation in working with John and his team on future projects it was a joy and a pleasant experience.

Mobo Awards Kanya King

your ability to respond to last minute changes and provide inventive solutions are second none.

             Jive Records

Roseanne Mcbride

honest approachable, proactive, customer focused, always up for a challenge, delivering beyond expectation.

Alan Comer 

Van Morrison 



exceptional customer care, I would highly recommend john to any company needing the specialised and confidential services

Chief Of Section

(United Nations)

Jeff Kane

from planning on site security , management and consultancy; extremely high in professional support across a broad range of projects in planning , brilliant with our clients and really do help to deliver a safe and well executed production in often high pressure, risk environments

Juliet Chambers

Brand Direct

the best security provider I've worked with knowledge of logistics and meticulous  planning means that when we walk into a situation all the necessary steps have been taken to ensure complete safety.

John Shepherd

I have worked alongside john for 4 -5  years now to start with John. who was the head of security, crowd management and safety on some music festival work. what this man doesn't know about his chosen subject is not worth knowing. as a industry professional, he is second to none, his contacts and level respect afforded to John amongst his peers has been well earned and very much deserved. in the world of security and crowd management you need someone cool headed, personably but absolute bullet proof, Johnny p is all of these things.

when it's my decision to pick on a security supplier John is the first and only name considered, the shills and personal traits developed in the security field have stuck with John in his production and tour management roles as; a versatile manager of people, budgets and systems, I would have no problem recommending John to anyone guarantee this, if you put John on your team he will stick by you till the end.

Ben O'Shea

Project Director

Matrix (UK) Solutions

john has exceptional customer services to all his clients he is a highly experienced professional in his field and I would have no hesitation in recommending his service to any company or individual.

Carrie Walsh 

Event & Venue Specialist

I fully recommend john as professional with outstanding knowledge, professionalism and integrity within the security and entertainments industry, john excepts nothing but the best and accepts nothing less, he always delivers on his promise and within the allotted timescales .

Tony Tolley 

Head Of Security 

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Henry Jacob 

PR & Marketing 

John is one of the best security providers i've worked with, his knowledge of logistics and his meticulous planning mean that when we walk into a situation all the neccessary steps have been taken to ensure complete safety. In addition John always goes the extra mile, ensuring that we the client are taken care of from arrival to departure. No job too big, no problem too small, I would alsways reccommend him.

Heather Sanford

Media & Litigation

Barbara Walker 

Producer, Event Director & Project Director

 I worked with John for three years on various projects for our clients at Capitalize. To say that John is a safe pair of hands is understatement of his skills - from planning to onsite security management, John provided extremely professional support across a broad range of projects. He was brilliant with our clients and really helped us to deliver safe, well executed productions in often high pressure, high risk environments like festivals. I would work with John again at a moment's notice. 

John has always provided superior staff and results for any jobwe have hired him for. Working with John and his team hasalways been a pleasure. Everytime we have hired John and histeam there is no doubt that all aspects of the job have beenlooked after giving us invaluable peace of mind.